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This is to select qualified applicants willing to follow the requirements of Mission: AstroAccess, (hereafter ‘MAA’) in exchange for an opportunity to participate in a zero gravity flight mission as described here: https://astroaccess.org/about/.  The MAA Sponsor is Yuri’s Night, a 501(c)(3), which is incorporated in California.  MAA is looking for qualified applicants who currently experience some form of disability and who are interested in and excited by the opportunity to participate in a commercial parabolic flight. Participants will experience weightlessness and perform related zero gravity observations and demonstrations investigating how the physical environment aboard space vessels should be modified so that all astronauts and explorers, regardless of disability on Earth, can live, work, and thrive in space.

 Applicant Requirements

  • Applicant:  Anyone who applies to be a Participant of Mission: AstroAccess.
  • Participant:  A successful Applicant selected to participate in Mission: AstroAccess by the MAA Sponsor.  

The MAA Sponsor may also choose back-ups to the Participants that will be chosen in the event a Participant needs to withdraw or is unable to participate in the mission.

The below designates the conditions relating to the mandatory requirements for an Applicant(s) and Participant(s):

  • All Applicants must be 18 years of age or older by the date of the application submission.
  • AstroAccess is open to international applicants. All applicants must be able to enter the United States on their own with a valid passport or visa. We will not be sponsoring any visa applications or letters of recommendation.     
  • All Applicants must identify as having some type of disability with the exception of deaf Applicants who do not necessarily identify as disabled. These individuals are also eligible and encouraged to apply.
  • A successful Applicant must agree to follow the application and disclosure policies and procedures discussed herein and as they may develop over time as determined by the MAA Sponsor to be considered as a Participant.
  • Applicant/Participant must be willing to discuss and disclose information related to their specific disabilities and the limitations those disabilities impose upon the Applicant in their day-to-day lives within their application as well as with the public during public relation events for the mission.
  • All Participant will be required to sign a Participant Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement and/or other similar agreements related both to disclosure of information and to participation in a high-risk adventure tourism activity before departing on any trip or activity. These agreements will be in favor of both the MAA Sponsor and the Zero Gravity Corporation (‘ZERO-G’), a privately held space entertainment and tourism company operating the parabolic flight. 
  • Each Applicant/Participant acknowledges and agrees when they apply for this program that they have significant responsibility for their own safety and each Applicant agrees they are ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for their own disclosures and for their own safety during both the application process and during participation in any weightlessness and zero gravity activity.  
  • Applicant/Participant agrees to pay for their travel to participate in this activity.
  • Applicant/Participant will be required to pass background, psychological and medical examinations.  Applicants must provide verification that they are physically and psychologically fit for training, flight, and the Mission generally, and the service provider ZERO-G has final discretion to fly or not fly anyone.  Such medical requirements may include COVID vaccine requirements and/or COVID testing requirements.
  • Applicant/Participant understands, acknowledges and hereby consents to being photographed, taped, filmed and/or otherwise being recorded.   Applicant/Participant also agrees to the use and reuse of his or her name, likeness, caricature, and voice.  Applicant/Participant may be asked to provide personal experiences, biographical information, biographical material and life story material for this project/Mission. Any material or information given or submitted by Applicant/Participant, including, but not limited to, any photographs, drawings, documents and/or videos as part of the Applicant selection process or otherwise in connection with the Mission may be used by MAA Sponsor for promotional and/or commercial purposes without any remuneration by the Participant.  Applicant/Participant assigns to MAA Sponsor all right, title and interest they may have in or to any and all media in which their name or likeness is used and MAA Sponsor shall be allowed to use it for any purposes which is related to this mission and its activities without any remuneration to the Applicant/Participant.
  • Applicant/Participant agrees and acknowledges that MAA Sponsor cannot control media or photographic images of applicant/participant that may be generated or disseminated by other participants or third parties.
  • Applicants/Participants understand that the MAA Sponsor has not arranged for and does not carry insurance of any kind for Applicant or Participant’s benefit.  The chosen Participants will be solely responsible for obtaining and paying for any medical, life, accident or other insurance relative to their participation in MAA. Participants should also be aware that such coverage can be impacted by participating in such activity and it is their responsibility to ensure they have proper medical and life insurance coverage in place for this mission and any other coverage that they determine is wanted and necessary.
  • Participants acknowledge and agree that they will be prohibited from participating in media events and/or interviews or otherwise promoting their participation in the Mission (before or after) without the express written consent of the MAA Sponsor.
  • Applicants acknowledge and agree that, if they are a selected Participant, accepting the opportunity to participate in and be included in the Mission will require a strict observance of policies and procedures established for weightlessness and zero gravity flights. If the Participant refuses or is unable to perform such requirements, the opportunity will be forfeited.  
  • If a Participant elects to not take the flight for any reason other than for inability as determined by Sponsor and/or service provider ZERO-G, the Mission opportunity will be forfeited, no Mission will be provided and Sponsor and/or service provider ZERO-G will have no further obligation or liability.
  • Inappropriate activity of any kind by a Participant, as determined by MAA Sponsor or by ZERO-G may result in removal of and/or disqualification from participation in the Mission.
  • Failure to provide any such information and/or documentation as discussed above will preclude Applicant/Participant from further consideration and/or from participating in the Mission and any related activities.

Determination of Which Applicants will Become Participants

All eligibility determinations shall be made at the sole discretion of MAA Sponsor and are final and binding in all respects (I.E. - are not subject to challenge or appeal).  MAA Sponsor reserves the right to modify eligibility requirements at any time.  Eligibility requirements may vary slightly given an individual Applicant’s type of disability.  

Applicants acknowledge that MAA Sponsor has no obligation whatsoever (even if you meet all the eligibility requirements) to any individual Applicant.  Applicants also acknowledge that if they are selected to participate, that participation is conditioned upon signing and returning certain additional waivers, releases and authorizations and/or other similar contractual agreements related primarily to disclosure of information, waiver of certain privacy issues and participation in a high-risk or adventure tourism style activity.  These documents will – without exception – be required for meeting all the terms and conditions of a successful application.  ZERO-G may impose additional requirements and prohibitions on Participants as a condition of participating in the zero gravity activity and any related activities and must be accepted and met by Participants.

Again, the MAA Sponsor reserves the unilateral right to disqualify any Applicant on the basis of any findings resulting from the background, psychological and medical verifications discussed above or if the Applicant fails to properly authorize and/or provide the required information. 

Initial Liability Statements 

Chosen Participants acknowledge and agree that i) there are certain inherent physical and mental risks associated with mission participation, (ii) that they are physically and mentally capable of participating in all aspects of the mission (including the actual flight) without harm to their self or any other individual and (iii) that they assume all risk and liability associated with participating in all aspects of the weightlessness and zero gravity activity, including, without limitation, any risks of physical or mental harm.

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